Rental 20hp Electrical Screw Compressor

    Rental 20hp Electrical Screw Compressor


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    Air Compressor Rental Services

    LDC Technology Sdn Bhd (LDC Tech) is a fast growing company with more than 20 years of experience in the machinery and equipment industry. As the air compressor supplier Johor Bahru, we supply a wide range of compressed air solutions. If you are looking for a cost reduction solution, we can provide you with a cost effective rental screw compressor scheme. Our rental scheme is applicable for most of the industry users. Our expertise will provide consultation and services to you which also include a fast delivery, hassle-free installation and regular air compressor maintenance and services. To further achieve your need of 'quality air', we are able to supply dry air systems to come with our air compressor rental scheme including of rental air dryer / desiccant dryer, air receiver tank (JKKP approved) and other range of compressed air products. If you are interested in our Air Compressor Rental Services, contact us now for more details.
    • Add on air dryer, air receiver tank and other accessories such as filters, water separator etc. available upon request.
    Flow Rate up to 2.50 m³/min
    Motor Rated Power 15 kW
    Operating Pressure range from 8 to 10 bar
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