Airman 80kVA / 100kVA Generator Set

    Airman 80kVA / 100kVA Generator Set


    Product Description

    Genset Rental Johor Bahru, Johor

    LDC Technology Sdn Bhd (LDC Tech) has been actively supplying industrial air compressor for most of the industrial applications throughout Johor and other parts of Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak. Over the years, we have explored the opportunities in the industry of providing rental air compressor in Johor and whole compressed air system including air compressor dryer (refrigerated air dryer, desiccant air dryer), air receiver tank etc. especially in the oil & gas industry, marine industry and also construction industry.

    To better provide rental of machinery and equipment to our valued customers, we have specialised not only in air compressor but also rental genset (portable generator set) in Johor for most industrial users. LDC Tech has a wide range of generator set for rental from the capacity of 10kVA generator set (genset) to 500kVA genset.

    Our reconditioned generator set are genuine brands which include Airman generator set, Denyo generator set, Nippon Sharyo generator set etc. We have provided frequent maintenance and services for our used or reconditioned generator set which customer can put on ease to rent genset with LDC Tech. Our professional service team will follow schedule  LDC Tech also supply used or reconditioned genset for sales, customer is allowed to visit our workshop in Johor Bahru to test run and check on generator set condition.

    From portable generator set to accessories such as distribution boards (DB Box), power cables etc., we can supply our genset to your requirements and needs. We also provide service for application of Suruhanjaya Tenaga (ST)Department of Environment (DOE) certification and also ELR calibration certification for every range of generator set.

    If you require a consultation from our sales representative, contact us now at +6016-753 6908 / +6016-755 3178 for more information and free consultation.
    • Rental generator set with add on distribution board (DB box), cables, spark arrestor, drip tray and other accessories available upon request.
    • Provide service for application of Suruhanjaya Tenaga (ST) certification and ELR calibration certificate.

    Specifications of Generator Set
    Frequency Hz 50 / 60
    Output Rating kVA 80 / 100
    Output Speed rpm 1500 / 1800
    Output Rating kW 100.1 / 124.0
    Fuel Tank Capacity L 225
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