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Rental Portable Air Compressor 750cfm

Rental Portable Air Compressor 750cfm


Product Description

Rental Used / Reconditioned Portable Air Compressor 750cfm

LDC Technology Sdn Bhd has been actively supplying Kaeser air compressor and other air compressor products in Johor Bahru, Johor for more than 20 years. As a leading air compressor supplier in Johor Malaysia, we also provide air compressor rental services for both screw air compressor and portable air compressor. We specialise in rental portable air compressor to the oil&gas industry, construction industry and to most of the industrial users. We have a wide range of portable air compressor rental services from 175cfm portable air compressor to 920cfm portable air compressor. We can also provide air compressor accessories for rental such as spark arrestor, oil tray, water separator and other accessories upon request. LDC Technology also provide other rental services including rental genset, rental Miller welding machine, rental air compressor dryer – desiccant dryer rental and/or refrigerated air dryer rental, rental air receiver tank etc.
  • Add on oil tray, water separator, air hose, spark arrestor and other accessories available upon request.
Flow Rate 750 cfm (21.2 m3/min)
Working Pressure 150 PSI (10 bar)
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Air Compressor Supply Rental Johor Bahru JB | Genset | Air Dryer
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