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Compressed Air Treatment

Refrigeration Air Dryer
Refrigerated Air Dryers
Flow Rate range from 0.6 m³/min to 98 m³/min
Working pressure range from 10 to 16 bar
Pressure dew point 3°C ∼ 10°C
(Other pressure range please request a quote)
The Refrigeration Dryers are built for industrial duty and are suited for most of all compressed air applications; perfect for drying compressed air to your required pressure dew point. The refrigeration dryers are completed with climate-friendly refrigerants which ensures maximum efficiency and reliability even at the harshest conditions.
Condensate Drains
Condensate Drains
Model ECO-DRAIN series
Compressor flow rate up to 1700 m³/min
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The ECO-DRAIN series condensate drains ensure zero losses in compressed air with its reliable condensate drainage system even under highly soiled conditions or with oil content.
· Working pressure: up to 16 bar
(For high pressure filters, please request a quote)
Compressed air filters are an essential element in the compressed air system. It assures your systems and processes are protected from dust, aerosols and oil contaminants to achieve your desired air quality standard.
Desiccant Dryer
Desiccant Dryers
Flow Rate up to 194.2 m³/min
Working pressure Down to -70°C
Pressure dew point Heatless / heated
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The Desiccant Dryers are suitable for sensitive industrial processes with the benefit from its anti-frost protection while producing dry compressed air at minimal cost. Their compact and reliable system design achieves a lower pressure dew point of compressed air down to -70 °C even at a high ambient humidity.
Air Receiver Tank
Air Receiver Tanks
Volume range from 300 to 10000 litres
Maximum permissible gauge pressure range from 10 to 40 bar
(Other sizes or custom made please request a quote)
Air receivers are essential in the compressed air chain. The tanks are ASME approved and completed with accessories; safety valve (calibration certificate upon request), pressure gauge and drains. We can provide tank cleaning and services to be JKKP inspection ready.
Oil / Water Separator
Oil / Water Separator
Model AQUAMAT Series
Capacity up to 100 m³/min
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Condensate from compressed air is unavoidable in the air compression process. With the increasingly strict environmental regulations, hiring an external specialist to treat and dispose of your untreated condensate can be expensive and troublesome. Fortunately, the AQUAMAT condensate treatment is a life saver. The AQUAMAT Oil/Water Separator enables users to treat compressed air condensate in-house which highly cuts the cost of treatment and disposal of compressed air condensate by 90%.
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